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NAVIGATOR TXM is a multi-brand diagnostic interface designed to be used in combination with any standard PC. NAVIGATOR TXM is impact resistant and waterproof, and incorporates all the experience TEXA has accumulated in 15 years of research and development. NAVIGATOR TXM is lightweight and practical thanks to its aluminium shell. On the inside it features a powerful INTEL PXA255 400 MHz processor and a 64Mb B memory. This means rapid data processing, instant recognition of control units and advanced diagnostic potential. NAVIGATOR TXM connects directly to the diagnostic socket via a dedicated set of cables and allows you to perform a great number of important diagnostic and maintenance procedures; electronic parameter reading, service light resetting, error reading and deleting are just a few examples of what the NAVIGATOR TXM can do. NAVIGATOR TXM can dialogue with any PC thanks to Bluetooth wireless technology. Bluetooth allows you to move freely around the boat without the restriction of connecting cables.

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